The Health Benefits of Organic Food

seemingly, it hasn’t been a topic that is new to society forifier. However, one of the latest and greatest discoveries you may take for granted is the fact that your water comes from a tap. At that same time, many of us don’t realize we are actually paying lots of money for tap water instead of bottled water – even though, on the front of our refrigerator, we think that water came from a tap. On the other hand, almost none of us realize we are filling our bodies with harmful, damaging chemicals through drinking tap water.

Just what is in tap water? Just so you don’t think I’m making this all up, let me cite a few recent research studies to describe how much everyone loses from drinking tap water. The University of Cincinnati Center for Science in the Public Interest conducted a study in Cincinnati, OH and showed that every supply throughout the US has traces of at least one chemical in tap water. Other recent studies have found traces of as many as 37 different pesticides in drinking water.

Since the addition of chlorine to our drinking waterMany people don’t realize that chlorine in water combines with natural organic chemicals in the water to form trihalomethanes or THM’s. THM’s may be carcinogenic or toxic to the liver, kidneys, brain, and nervous system. While the EPA maintains that the levels of chlorine in water are safe, research shows that prolonged exposure to chlorine leads to some form of cancer.

Of course, you can’t believe everything you read and pay attention to. An occasional dip in the river, lake, or ocean can’t kill you, but it can lead to some very serious health problems over time. If you get an infection, get medical attention immediately.

The importance of organic food in today’s world. The average American eats almost nine servings of vegetables and fruits every day. But, one of the greatest sources of antioxidants and fiber in our diets is actually found in our soil. It is only through organic methods of gardening that we can get the supply of compostable matter that is needed to make our plants strong.

The biggest decision you need to make when looking at your health and your family’s health is to give organic a try.

The health benefits of organic foods are more than based on the compressor, oven, and gas ranges. Organic chicken, for example, is much stronger in anti-oxidant levels than regular chicken due to the antibiotics and hormones that are typically given to both the chicken and the meat. Meanwhile, organic cereal dishes can be made with fresh ingredients found in your local supermarket. I can attest to this. Last week, I went to a pot luck party. There was only one table of organic coffee makers. The rest of the dishes were purchased from organic food stores. The waiter even brought a bag of organic muffins to make sure none made it as far as the grills. He also kept a few jars of organic jam on hand. Other treats were homemade cream pies (made with our own Jarden grape farm) and homemade ice cream. Look for local opportunities to shop at organic food stores, farmers markets, and local restaurants.

Shopping at a non-local supermarket will also get you exposed to the foods of other countries. Last week, I found local corn in Mexico. We don’t normally think of Mexico as a country with great dining options, but you can bet that this corn was grown organically and harvested without pesticides.

The portions were very small and were able to keep those little hands on the go. Eating corn requires a fork and a spoon! While I was able to finish my dinner, it was far from adequate. With organic options available, you can actually eat quite well.